Crimean Communist Leader Grach says that Russia shall penalise the Ukraine for Its Support of Georgia by Higher Gas Prices

Leonid Grach, leader of the Crimean Communist Party

“If the Ukrainian leadership pushes for NATO accession, the Crimea will demand reunion with Russia”, Communist lawmaker Leonid Grach warns. He said, however, that he is against its secession from the Ukraine, Mr Grach said in comments on 13 August to ZIK. The chief Crimean Communist claims there are no separatist feeling on the peninsula. Under no circumstances will the Crimea agree to the entry of the Ukraine into NATO. Besides, he points out, the Crimea should have a greater say in the NATO issue as, according to the Crimean constitution, foreign policy issues related to the peninsula are to be sorted out with the participation of Crimean representatives, Mr Grach added. 

“The criminals that are the mouthpieces of the United States cashed in on the conflict in South Ossetia”, Mr Grach said. “The Ukraine proved itself to be a deceitful player, specifically, I mean the Ukrainian president, who backed Georgian President Saakishvili. This will carry a price for the Ukrainian people, who will face a reshuffle of Russia’s policy toward the Ukraine, in the form of higher prices for Russian gas and oil”.

Mr Grach is positive the Black Sea Fleet will stay in Sevastopol, even after the lease expires in 2017, explaining, “Luckily, neither Yushchenko nor Timoshenko nor Yanukovich will remain in politics by 2017. A new generation of politicians will come, and they will negotiate with Russia new terms for the lease, prolonging the use of Sevastopol by the Black Sea Fleet.

13 August 2008

ZIK (in English)

Ukraine snubs Moscow on port


Ukraine snubs Moscow on port

By Roman Olearchykin Tbilisi

Published: August 14 2008 02:53 | Last updated: August 14 2008 02:53

Victor Yushchenko, on Wednesday announced restrictions on use of the Crimean port of Sevastopol by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, a move that follows a challenge by Kiev this week to Moscow’s naval operations off Georgia’s coast.

The surprise decree by Ukraine’s pro-western president requires Russian naval vessels to request permission 10 days in advance before returning to the strategically important port, which Russia leases from Ukraine. Russia’s defence ministry quickly denounced it as “not serious”.

Officials in Kiev suggested the new rules were not linked to Moscow’s decision to send naval vessels to Georgia’s coast for operations that Russian officials said were meant to maintain stability and support humanitarian efforts.

But Ukraine’s foreign ministry this week warned Moscow that it would not allow Russian vessels to return to Sevastopol if they were used in military operations against Georgia. The media service for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol said on Wednesday that four vessels had left the base this week to support operations off Georgia.

Kiev also suspects that Moscow wants to keep its fleet in Sevastopol beyond the expiry of the lease agreement in 2017.

Ukraine’s move came hours before US President George W. Bush said he would send aircraft and naval vessels to Georgia to provide humanitarian aid. It fuelled fears that worsening relations between Kiev and Moscow – amid the Russian-Georgian military conflict – could escalate into a dangerous east-west struggle in the strategic Black Sea region.

Yushchenko creaza sistem unic de alerta nationala in Ucraina

10 august 2008 – Vorbim cu jurnalistii in Verkhne Synievydne, Presedintele Victor Yushchenko a afirma ca Ucraina are nevoie de un sistem unic de alerta nationala care sa lucreze in situatii ca cele create de inundatiile din 23-27 iulie.

Pentru a se atinge acest scop, Yushckenko a spus ca va fi nevoie sa se uneasca sisteme de alerta ale pompierilor, spitalelor si ale Ministerului pentru Situatii de Urgenta.

“Sistemul va fi benefic iar pentru ca autoritatile sa ii asigure functionalitate acestea vor trebui dotate cu instrumentele necesare. Este de asemenea evident ca Ministerul pentru Situatii de Urgenta si alte servicii care vor lucra dupa acest nou model vor avea drepturi exclusive, incluzand dreptul sa evacueze oameni daca se primeste ordin direct”, a spus Yushchenko.

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Ucraina ameninta ca va interzice vaselor rusesti sa se intoarca la Sevastopol

Ucraina a afirmat duminica ca isi rezerva dreptul sa interzica navelor rusesti detasate pe coasta Georgiei sa se mai intoarca la baza lor din Sevastopol, anunta agentia Interfax.

Ucraina isi rezerva dreptul sa interzica navelor de razboi si vaselor care i-au parte in conflictul cu Georgia sa se intoarca in Ucraina pana cand conflictul nu este incheiat“, s-a afirmat intr-un comunicat dat de Ministerul de Externe Ucrainean.

Flota rusa de la Marea Neagra isi are baza in portul Sevastopol din Peninsula Crimeii, care dupa destramarea URSS-ului e parte din teritoriul Ucrainei.

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