Link-uri 30 aug 2008

Moscow’s Moves in Georgia Spark Calls for Recognition of Captive Nations in Russia
Tot mai multe republici din Federatia Rusa tind spre independenta

Moscow Fears Public Support for its Georgian Policy May Soften as Western Sanctions Bite

What Russia will do next
e-amil catre Putin din partea Serviciului de Informatii Extern al Rusiei

The cost for Russia
After years of cultivating xenophobic sentiment and persuading Russians that they face an enemy, the Kremlin had prepared the population psychologically for war. That, says Boris Dubin, a sociologist, is why Russia’s propaganda fell on fertile ground. In the public mind, he claims, the cause of the war is to be found in “America’s expansionist plans and desire to establish control over Russia’s neighbours.”

South Ossetia is not Kosovo

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