Top US General In Georgia For Talks On Military Aid

TBILISI, Georgia (AFP)–The top U.S. military commander in Europe, Gen. John Craddock, arrived in Tbilisi Thursday for talks on rebuilding Georgia’s armed forces, which were routed by Russia two weeks ago.

“I’m sure we are going to talk about their military,” Craddock, who is also the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s supreme allied commander in Europe, told reporters after arriving in Tbilisi from Brussels.

“We will have to help them rebuild because they are a partner in the war on terror. They are going to ask us, I’m sure, to replace and rebuild. I think that is probably what will happen.”

Craddock was to meet with President Mikhail Saakashvili and Georgian military leaders during his two-day visit to Tbilisi.

The U.S. provided military training to Georgia, which contributed troops to Iraq, and has been a strong supporter of Georgia’s bid to join NATO.

Asked if any U.S. trainers were involved in fighting with Russia, Craddock said: “I have no information. I cannot confirm or deny that. We have no one missing. There were no reports of anyone wounded among U.S. trainers.”

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