Link-uri despre Georgia – 16 aug 2008

Russian forces take equipment from Georgian port

Rail bridge destroyed west of Tbilisi – Reuters witness

Russia signs Georgia deal, withdrawal to take time

Georgian rail bridge attack echoes beyond borders

Georgians force to clean South Ossetia streets
Russian troops and their armed allies forced Georgian men to clean the streets of South Ossetia‘s bombed-out capital Saturday, avenging Georgia’s attack on the breakaway province a week ago.

“Labor even turns monkeys into humans,” said a Russian officer, who along with armed Ossetians escorted one group of about two dozen Georgians through the streets of the capital.

Abkhazia, S. Ossetia must remain part of Georgia: Bush
US President George W. Bush said Saturday that the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia must remain part of Georgia.

Bush said in a speech at his ranch in Crawford, Texas that the two regions, embroiled for the past two weeks in a bloody conflict between Russia and Georgia, are “a part of Georgia,” and “they will remain so.”

“There is no room for debate on this matter,” Bush added.


Russia threatens to launch nuke attack on Poland over US missile shield deal

Ukraine prepared to join missile US defence system

Ukraine could integrate its early warning systems with systems of otherstates – Foreign Ministry


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