Ucraina restrictioneaza miscarea flotei ruse din Marea Neagra

Ukraine restricts movements of Russian Black Sea Fleet



      RBC, 13.08.2008, Kiev 18:37:28.President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has signed into law two resolutions of the National Security and Defense Council of August 13, 2008 limiting the movements of the Russian Black Sea Fleet outside its base and the crossing of the Ukrainian borders by the fleet, the Ukrainian President’s press office has reported.

      For ships or aircraft of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to cross Ukraine’s border, the command should notify Ukraine’s General Staff 72 hours prior to the proposed move. The notice must contain such information as what armament, munitions, explosives or other military property and equipment such vessels or aircraft carry. If Ukraine’s General Staff gives the green light, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet must advise Ukraine’s frontier guards and customs authorities of its military vessels or aircraft going out of and into Ukraine’s waters or airspace no later than 1 day before such maneuvers.

Sursa: RBC


Russia to punish Ukraine for its support for Georgia by higher gas prices – Communist Hrach

If Ukraine leaders push for NATO accession, Crimea will demand its reunion with Russia, Communist lawmaker Leonid Hrach warns. He said, however, that he is against Ukraine’s territorial divide, Hrach said in his Aug 13 comments to ZIK.

The chief Crimean Communist claims there are no separatist feeling on the peninsula. Under no circumstances will Crimea agree to Ukraine’s entry in NATO. Besides, he points out, Crimea should have a greater say in the NATO issue as, according to the Crimean constitution, foreign policy issues related to the peninsula are to be sorted out with Crimea’s participation, Hrach added.

The criminals that were the mouthpieces of the United States cashed in on the conflict in S Ossetia, Leonid Hrach opines. Ukraine has proven itself to be an unscrupulous player, he claims, specifying that he meant the Ukrainian president who backed Georgian President Saakishvili. This will carry a price for the Ukrainian people who will face a reshuffle of Russia’s policy toward Ukraine – in the form of higher prices for Russian gas and oil.

Hrach is positive the Russian Black Sea Fleet will stay in Sevastopol even after the lease expires in 2017, explaining that “Luckily, neither Yushchenko, nor Tymoshenko nor Yanukovych will remain in politics by 2017. A new generation of politicians will come, and they will negotiate with Russia new terms of the lease, prolonging the use of Sevastopol by BSF.

Sursa: ZK.com


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