SOS! Save innocent people from Georgia!

According to the eyewitnesses, Russian militaries are massively taking the Georgian population to Tskhinvali by force. There substantiated fears that they are going to be killed there. 

A real Red Army has attacked Georgian towns and villages – horrible looting, robbery is spread: Georgia says Russians bombing, looting key city.  

As you may know, Russian propaganda machine has circulated the information about 1600 South Ossetians killed in the region. However, even though Russian military forces have been controlling the region for several days already, they have not produced any visual proofs of there being killed Ossetian civilians – notwithstanding the fact that Russian TV reporters were present at the site of conflict from the very first day.

There is a very substantial doubt that Russians plan to take the Georgian population to Tskhinvali by force in order to kill them there and consequently to present them as South Ossetians.

Russians have done such a thing many times before. This photo of the wounded woman was taken in Gori, but it is posted on Russian websites as a photo of an Ossetian woman.

Please, circulate this information urgently and take actions to rescue these people.

Click REPLY and send this message to all of your friends. Don’t be indifferent today. Tomorrow they can attack you!


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