Human Rights Watch in Osetia de Nord: totul a fost dezinformare!


Human Rights Watch in North Ossetia: we prostratsii of misinformation and propaganda

A non-governmental human rights organization Human Rights Watch sent an urgent mission in the conflict zone of Georgia and South Ossetia, to gather information about the situation. The results of the first day of her work tells a researcher on Russia Human Rights Watch Tatyana Lokshina: “We are in deep prostratsii of the level of misinformation that flows from both sides of the conflict and from the propaganda that we are seeing in the media”.

According to official figures on the number of dead and wounded among the civilian population and of refugees, nothing can be confirmed: “Yesterday we were in the operational headquarters in Vladikavkaz, coordinating humanitarian assistance for refugees, and staff provided us with operational headquarters FMS statistics, which in general complexity since the beginning of the conflict in South Ossetia on the territory of North Ossetia entered with 24 something thousand people. In doing so, according to statistics of the same department, of which more than 11 thousand people have returned back to South Ossetia. In addition, the document separately stressed that volunteers are continuing to travel to South Ossetia, so the number of refugees arriving in North Ossetia, at the expense of these volunteers is declining. Thus, it seems quite strange why such inflated figures for displaced persons quoted in the first place in federal media “.

According to Lokshinoy, representatives of the organization visited the field hospital MOE, who is injured: “The road from the village of Dzhava South Ossetia are already relatively free, at least for the machines” ambulance “she patency”.

According to hospital management, it receives all the wounded, who then shipped to hospitals, mostly in Vladikavkaz and Rostov.

“We were told that the hospital was opened in North Ossetia on August 9, and in the morning on August 9 in the evening on August 10 received a total of 52 wounded, among them 50 people in serious condition. In doing so, 90% of those wounded – soldiers, 10% – the civilian population. We are not trying to argue that this statistic is representative, of course. On the other hand, the leadership of the hospital said that the wounded pass it through them “, – said Lokshina.

Judging from the experience of other armed conflicts, the number of injuries, usually three times the number killed, she continued: “Therefore, figures, which cited Russian official media yesterday about 2 thousands of deaths among civilians, did seem to us somewhat inadequate”.

Representatives of Human Rights Watch visited and the location of refugees, including from Tskhinvali. According to witnesses, the shelling of the capital of the unrecognized South Ossetia virtually without interruption, people spent this time in basements. They left only when Tskhinvali and the surrounding villages are already completely controlled the Russian troops. Many complain that their homes suffered from the shelling.

“All the people with whom we talked, argued that in Tskhinvali were many dead, and a lot of corpses lay in the streets. In doing so, I have not talked with any man who would say that myself saw those killed in the streets. One woman from Tskhinvali told us that he had seen dead old man get out of tshinvalskoy hotels, and made assumptions that he most likely died during the shelling. But approval of the enormous number of killed has also not confirmed primary information “, – says Tatiana Lokshina.

“We would very much like to encourage journalists to do their utmost to get the real statistics on the situation in the region, obtain and copy information confirmed. Because today by the absolutely impossible to understand what is actually picture of events “, – said the representative of Human Rights Watch.


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