Lista cu navele militare rusesti din Sevastopol care se indreapta spre Georgia

According to the existing information, the following Naval and Air military assets of the Russian
Federation Black Sea Fleet are moving to direction of Georgia from base Sevastopol:

Large landing ships “Jamal” and “Saratov”, with marine and military nlachinery on board;
Small anti-submarine ships “Suzdalets”, “Kalimov”, “:Povarino”;
Large landing ship “Caesar Kunikov”;
Reconnaissance ship “Ekvator”;
Minesweepers “Zhukov”, “Turbinist”;
Small rocket boat “Mirage”;
Rocket boat “Breeze”;
Medium size transport “Koida”;
Towboat MB-31;
G-uard ship “Smetlivyi”;
Rocket cruiser “Moscow”;
4 SU-24 aircrafts;
1 AN-26 aircraft.


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