Fortele ruse au preluat principalele drumuri din Georgia si continua sa avanseze



Russian Forces Take Over Major Highway, Continue Advancing

Russia took over control of the major highway passing through Gori and “split the country’s western part with the east,” President Saakashvili said at a session of National Security Council at 8:45pm on August 11.

It was earlier reported that the Russian forces were in control of Gori.

Russian forces also advanced deep into the Georgian territory from breakaway Abkhazia as well taking control of Senaki and are now moving further into east from Senaki.

“Situation is extremely grave,” Saakashvili said. “This is occupation attempt, attempt to totally occupy Georgia, attempt to destroy Georgia.”

“Russia goal is to put an end to existence of the Georgian state,” he added.

“We are receiving only moral and humanitarian help from the international community, but we need more than that. We want them to stop this barbaric aggressor.”


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  1. Doua batalioane de ceceni pro-rusi se vor muta pe teritoriul Georgiei

    11 august, 20:16

    Doua batalioane formate din soldati de nationalitate cecena se vor muta pe teritoriul Georgiei, a declarat, luni, un reprezentant al Ministerului Apararii din Rusia, citat de agentia “Itar-Tass”. Oficialii rusi au declarat ca unitatile militare cecene vor fi extrem de eficiente in confruntarea cu armata georgiana, intrucat au o mare experienta de lupta in zona de munte.In timpul celor doua razboaie ruso-cecene, Kremlinul a acuzat de multe ori Guvernul de la Tbilisi ca acorda sprijin rebelilor ceceni in confruntarea cu Moscova. Cu atat este mai neasteptata decizia Rusiei de a trimite ceceni in zona de conflict.
    Vitalie DRELEA

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